Bob Brown


What was your relationship to Kevin?

Proud Dad


Do you have a favorite memory of Kevin? 

I remember so much, the day he was born, and the curly red headed boy I loved to spend time with that grew up to be a bald man that I loved to spend time with.  One of my favorite more recent memories was walking the Mark Linder Walk with him, he was already trying to find a cure. 

My memories are so many, sometimes they make me smile, sometimes they make me cry.  I feel so lucky I can call him my son.  I miss talking to him, laughing and joking with him, I keep waiting for him to call.


What do you think made Kevin special or unique?

Kevin was funny, thoughtful, straightforward, if you were his friend you were a friend for life.  He wore his heart on his sleeve because he cared so much. 

He coached basketball the same way he played the game. The desire to win and in the process make players great young men, both mattered so much.


What do you want people to know about Glioblastoma and/or the efforts of the KBSTRONG - Fighting the Fight foundation?

I had never heard of glioblastoma. It is one of the worst diseases I know of and the only way to cure it is with research and research takes money.


If you were face to face with Kevin today, what would you tell him?

I love you. I miss you every day! Keep watching over me, my son!