Mark Brown

Mark Brown



What was your relationship to Kevin?

Kevin was my big brother.


Do you have a favorite memory of Kevin?  

Our trips to Colorado.



What do you think made Kevin special or unique?

Kevin was one of a kind.  If he thought it….. he said it. If he wanted to go somewhere….he went.  If he wanted to do something…..he did it. If he set a goal….he reached it. If he loved you….you knew it. He was a straight shooter and you always knew where you stood with KB. 


What do you want people to know about Glioblastoma and/or the efforts of the KBSTRONG - Fighting the Fight foundation?

Glioblastoma is a dreadful, nasty disease.  It is something you do not want to watch one of your loved ones go through.  There has to be a cure, if nothing else we need to make this treatable and not just terminal.  Hopefully through the efforts of KBSTRONG we can raise awareness and funds to donate to research to help make that a reality. 


If you were face to face with Kevin today, what would you tell him?

I miss you, so much!!  I miss helping you at the campground, all of us going to church together, going on vacations, you telling us where we are going to go eat, and just your advice on anything and everything.  I hope we are making you proud at Kamp Komfort and are doing it how you dreamed it to be. Love you and miss you every day, big brother.